Bladen County North Carolina


Building Inspections Department

"Dedicated to the growth of Bladen County in compliance with
State of North Carolina Building Codes to ensure the
health, safety and general welfare of our citizens"

Matthew Chadwick, Director
450 Smith Circle
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
Phone: 910-862-6780
Fax: 910-862-6932
Office Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Plans Approval & Building Permits until 9:30am M-F
Inspectors available until 9:30am M-F for code and inspection related questions.

Fee Schedule as of January 01, 2010
Building Permits*
To 10000 sq. ft. at 15¢ per sq. ft.
plus 05¢ per sq. ft. over 10000 sq. ft.
Electrical Permits*
New Construction at 35¢ per amp
Temporary Service Pole at $50.00
Service Change Fee at $50.00
Plumbing Permits*
First 10 fixture traps at $12.50 per trap
plus $5.00 per fixture trap over 10
Sewer and Water Taps at $50.00
Mechanical Permits*
First 50 tons at $30.00 per ton
plus $5.00 per ton over 50 tons
Insulation Permits*
To 10000 sq. ft. at 06¢ per sq. ft.
plus 03¢ per sq. ft. over 10000 sq. ft.
Fire Inspection Permits*
To 5000 sq. ft. at $50.00
or over 5000 sq. ft. at 02¢ per sq. ft.
Mobile Home Permits*
Setup Permit at $60.00
Electrical Permit at $60.00
Plumbing Permit at $60.00
Mechanical Permit at $60.00
Miscellaneous Permits*
Remolding Permit at $50.00
Sign Permit at $50.00
Moving Permit at $50.00
Demolition Permits at $50.00
Alcohol License Permit at $50.00
Swimming Pool Permit at $50.00
Cell Tower Permit at $150.00 
County Zoning Permit at $25.00
County License
Building Contractor (to $30,000) at $50.00
Insulation Contractor at $50.00
Fee Exempt
Nonprofit Organizations (Churches, etc.)
Farm Buildings (except electrical)

*Minimum Fee For Any Permit Will Be $50.00(except county zoning)

A Recall Fee Of $25 Per Trip Will Be Assessed After The 2nd Inspection Trip

All Permits Are Subject To Double Fees If Not Purchased Before Work Begins