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Bladen County Department of Public Health
300 Mercer Mill Road                                          
Elizabethtown, North Carolina 28337                                                                                             
Telephone (910) 862-6900
Hours 8:30am—5:00pm M-F

David Howard, MPH, Health Director  

Welcome to Health Education!

Our Health Educators are available to provide and offer educational material, classes and seminars on health related issues. Their main goal is to promote Bladen County Health Department’s efforts in improving the overall health of Bladen County residents.

These services are available to all people and organizations throughout the county. We also promote programs such as: Eat Smart Move More, Weigh Less, Faithful Families, Eating Smart Moving More, Walking Programs, Safe Kids, Healthy Bladen Collaborative, and Health Education Programming.  We also offer monthly Diabetes Support Group Meetings that meet on the last Thursday of each month.

Smoking Cessation information is available at

Please contact us about any of the programs that we currently offer. 

Our Health Educators:


Marianne E. Valentiner

Phone: 910-872-6264

Fax: 910-862-6821



Berkleigh Pridgen

Phone: 910-862-6252

Fax: 910-862-6821


These are the 2013-2016 Action Plans for Bladen County: